Aim for more realistic goals

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – JANUARY 01: Fireworks light up the sky from The Sydney Harbour Bridge at midnight during New Years Eve celebrations on Sydney Harbour on 01 January, 2014 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Joosep Martinson/Getty Images)

WE don’t live in a perfect world so why do we keep putting such ridiculous pressure on ourselves to resemble something perfect.

When we fail so abysmally we chastise ourselves for being hopelessly fallible.

New Year’s Eve is the time of year many of us reel off all the things we’re pretty crap at and then promise to undertake some kind of miracle crash course in advanced self-improvement.

Topping the New Year’s resolution list is usually something linked to having more self control.

We promise to lose weight, exercise more, drink less beer, quit smoking and get out of debt.

There’s nothing wrong with a little goal-setting as long as we set some benchmarks we stand even a flying chance in hell of achieving.

But many of us are such excellent self-saboteurs that we set ourselves up to face plant in the dirt with the kind of goals that based on our past behaviour we will never reach.

Not even the near-perfect person we all know and are secretly jealous of because of how lucky they appear to be in life, could reach our New Year’s goals.

Those ultimate winners with an existence that seems to unfold under the best possible circumstances.

And with them poised to capitalise on all their good luck.

They already won the genetic lottery by being born thin with a metabolism to keep them that way, despite all the lovely cheese, fine wine and chocolate we see slide down their gullet while our own teeth are clenched tightly shut.

Making resolutions for the New Year is not new.

We’ve been doing it since the Babylonians were hoping for a good return from the heavens.

Speaking of which, astrologically at least, with Saturn in Sagittarius it’s going to be a year involving a lot of hard graft.

According to horoscope predictions, in 2015 there will be testing times that require me to work damned hard but when I do the universe will support me.

Can’t the universe gimme a little break already.

Given that it also felt like the past year involved a fair amount of hard work that’s not all that enticing a prospect.

Never mind because I’ve read somewhere that Saggo’s should channel our inner spirituality and try some adventure travel this year.

Righto that’s more like it.

So my resolution is to lose some weight and save some money to go on safari.

And while I am setting such lofty goals why not some peace on Earth.

Welcome to 2015.

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