All about priorities

I’VE refrained from writing on ‘climate change’ for a while but, really, Terry McGee’s latest diatribe just cries out for a response.

The UN is calling loudly for action on climate change, he tells us. Well dip me in pixie dust and call me Christine Milne, why wouldn’t they?

The UN is possibly the largest and most inefficient bureaucracy in the world – in other words a money pit. In UN speak ‘action on climate change’ is code for ‘send more money’.

They’ve been calling for action on climate change for decades now and very little has happened, apart from the late and unlamented Kyoto protocol.

Perhaps the fact that they are now calling ‘loudly’ might make the difference.

But on second thoughts, no, the Lima conference didn’t seem to offer much hope for the kiddies in the Eurobodalla Global Warming Club.

The US and China have come to the party with a historic agreement on emissions, Terry tells us. But Obama agreed to do no more than what was already in train by virtue of the US switch to shale gas in which it has a huge natural advantage.

Obama is a lame duck president who will never be allowed to take any action that would harm the US economy.

And China’s contribution to this ground-breaking deal? It agreed to keep emitting at whatever rate it chooses until 2030, at which point it will cap emissions (perhaps).

Following right behind China will be India, which has already ruled out any climate action that works against economic growth.

In Terry’s green world, wishin’ and hopin’ might make it so but not in the real world, where Tony Abbott’s first priority is to protect our national interest, which he will not do by devaluing our natural advantage in coal, in order to reduce by a minuscule amount our already minuscule (by world standards) emissions.

Peter O’Brien


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