Planning to blame

RESIDENTS of Craig Mostyn Place, Wattlebark Place and Hawdon Street, Moruya, received an unwanted Christmas present, thanks to our local town planners.

Where residents once gazed over a pleasant rural locale, looking west to the tree-line which is now Riverwood Place, with the odd animal grazing, one now sees the development of an industrial mess where a prime piece of real estate with an elevated view to the nor-east over river flats has become acreage where, it seems, any sort of development may take place.

Massive sheds, other buildings of dubious architectural quality, blight one’s eyesight whilst one’s hearing is subjected to noise.

Is it not sufficient that we have an industrial area at North Moruya and another in Yarragee Road, well out of view of the main residential area, a concrete plant in the vicinity of the two supermarkets and many other businesses, and a fuel depot amidst residences, without being subjected to such an eyesore now being brought into existence.

The area in question is virtually tree-less due to having been a grazing and or dairy property for many years but provided a pleasant rural outlook for the many residents on the western side of the town towards the tree-line of the aforementioned River-

wood Place.

That planners should be so short-sighted as to allow an area which would have provided an ideal residential subdivision of many dwellings, to become what it is now, is beyond comprehension.

No blame can be attached to those who have bought the land and are now doing what council allows but one wonders whether the elected representatives of the residents of the town, are really aware of the hideous development.

Thankfully, myself and a few others to the south, are shielded by trees from the view, but not the noise.

Max Hogno


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